Biblical Greek Program

Immerse yourself in the language of the New Testament.

Course Objectives

Lay A Solid Foundation In Biblical Greek

Even if you only take the first immersion class, you will have a solid foundation that will help you as you continue to study Biblical Greek.

Learn Biblical Greek Communicatively

Learn the language through interacting in it with stories, skits, role-plays, and Total Physical Response activities. Immerse yourself in Biblical Greek communicatively.

Read The New Testament Without Translation

Starting with short stories with high frequency vocabulary, you will build up to reading the text of the NT without translation.

Re-Wire Your Brain To Think Greek

We focus on the structure of the language as much as vocabulary. This ensures long-term retention and the ability to continually amass new vocabulary.

Learn Grammar Retrospectively

You will learn grammar, but first you will learn Greek. Then you will look back at what you have learned and study the grammar.

Use Discourse Grammar In Exegesis

Understand grammar in the whole context. Recognize why biblical authors chose the words and phrases that they used as you engage in well-rounded exegesis.

Why Learn With Us?

Learn Biblical Greek Like A Language

Greek is not a code to be cracked by the geeky, but a language to be learned and enjoyed by the engaged. So learn it like a language – because it is!

Immerse Yourself In Biblical Greek

Let Biblical Greek come to life as you immerse yourself in stories and events.

Study In A Classroom And Online

Enjoy the benefits of a classroom full of energetic Biblical Greek speakers, as well as the freedom of studying at home with a flexible schedule.

Enhance Your Study With Great Resources

We have been developing some amazing resources to help you learn Biblical Greek more effectively.

Biblical Greek Demo

Watch Greek in action! Can you tell what Bible verse we are building up to?

What Our Students Say

Paul L.
I’ve studied NT Greek using the “grammar-translation” method for years, but this communicative course was fantastic for me. This method enables students to actually internalize the language and think of it as a real language, not as a mathematical code to be cracked. I highly recommend it for everyone – from beginners to those who’ve studied Greek grammars and done parsing exercises for years. Five stars.
Emanuel K.
The communicative language-learning approach is not only effective for the learning of modern languages but also for ancient languages such as Koine Greek. Through intentional “child’s play” and storytelling, the student interacts with the language on multiple fronts, including listening, reading, and speaking. Instead of laborious grammars and endless paradigms, “normal” interaction becomes the means of entering the language of the New Testament. This does not mean that the course does not have sessions dedicated to grammar points; rather, grammar is largely taught in the context of speaking Greek. This method makes the learning of Biblical Greek accessible to all, regardless of age, who are willing to engage in the rigors of language learning.