We are currently putting plans together for another beginners 10-day immersion class. You will find more information and a signup form available on this page.

10-Day Immersion Class

Join us for the next 10-day immersion class. Imagine spending nearly two weeks with a group of people who are learning and speaking Biblical Greek! Regardless of how fluent you feel you are now, you are sure to make advances in the language.

Lay a solid foundation in Biblical Greek

Join us for the next immersion class, and lay a solid foundation that will help you as you continue to study Biblical Greek.

Immerse Yourself In Biblical Greek

Let Biblical Greek come to life as you immerse yourself in the language of the New Testament.

Community Of Greek Speakers

Get to know and spend time with other people who love the language of the New Testament.

Can you tell what New Testament story we are building up to in this video?